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NIHR Applied Research Collaboration Northwest London Awarded £9m Funding

We are pleased to announce that the NIHR Applied Research Collaboration Northwest London, NIHR ARC NWL, has officially been granted £9 Million of the £135 million research fund as a local collaborative programme in healthcare improvement, to tackle the biggest... Continue Reading →

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September Newsletter: Community Health – Assessments for Frailty within Care Homes

Frailty may still be primarily viewed only in terms of physical health – and not all physical, social, mental and environmental domains of frailty may be routinely assessed.  The findings come from a study which used an online survey to... Continue Reading →

August Newsletter: Health Economics and Outcomes

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Comprehensive Medication Review for Patients Acutely Admitted to Hospital Problematic polypharmacy can lead to adverse drug events, drug-drug interactions, low adherence, reduced quality of life and increased treatment costs. Comprehensive medication review (CMR) is a patient-centred intervention... Continue Reading →

QIIS: A Year in an Hour

NIHR CLAHRC NWL researched the use of Quality Improvement (QI) methods in improving healthcare. One of the findings was that most people do not fully appreciate the complexity of delivering improvements in healthcare and therefore do not plan appropriately to... Continue Reading →

June Newsletter: Itchy Sneezy Whezzy – Health in Educational Settings

A third of the population have allergies with a direct cost to the NHS of >£1 billion annually. Despite evidence-based guidelines for allergy care, adherence and diagnostic ascertainment is low and morbidity remains high. 89/195 deaths from asthma and anaphylaxis in 2012, could have been avoidable with... Continue Reading →

World Sickle Cell Day Wednesday 19th June 2019

NIHR CLAHRC NWL has been working with the Sickle Cell Society for several years in collaboration with Picker to integrate Patient Reported Experience Measures (PREMs) to support improving services. Click here for more information about this work. The 19th June is World Sickle Cell Day,... Continue Reading →

May Newsletter: How social theory can help us understand QI processes in a project to improve the physical health for people with serious mental illness

Stuart Green, public health research fellow at CLAHRC Northwest London (NWL), has been undertaking research which explored the social process of co-creating knowledge within quality improvement (QI).  The research used an ethnographic approach to unpack the social construction of a... Continue Reading →

April Newsletter: Building Capacity in Quality Improvement Using Bite-Sized eLearning

NIHR CLAHRC NWL offers an alternative way to build capacity in individuals via an eLearning resource called QI4U (Quality Improvement for You). Quality Improvement (QI) methods in healthcare are normally delivered through classroom-based education. This traditional way of training creates... Continue Reading →

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