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NIHR CLAHRC NWL have developed an independent eLearning resource called QI4U as part of an effort to build capacity in a systematic approach to quality improvement for frontline NHS staff and service users.  QI4U will be available for anybody who has an interest in effective quality improvement of healthcare services for the benefit of patients. QI4U is targeted towards but not limited to frontline clinicians, academics, patients and service users.

The Backstory

As part of the National Institute for Health Research, CLAHRC NWL have been front runners in  developing, collaborating and delivering high quality research projects to find new ways of improving healthcare. CLAHRC NWL utilises the skills, knowledge and expertise of researchers, health and social care professionals, managers, commissioners and patients with the aim to ensure the results of the research are translated quickly and effectively into benefits for patients, the wider NHS and social care.

Building Capacity in the Systematic Approach to Quality Improvement

QI4U plays a big part in CLAHRC NWL’s ambition to empower and build capacity within Northwest London in the systematic approach to quality improvement, allowing frontline staff to learn key methods with examples from real life projects. Anybody using QI4U will be able to learn in their own time and seek support from CLAHRC NWL if involved in one of the CLAHRC NWL projects.

QI4U has a simple and clear registration process making it easy for anybody to get started.

QI4U Registration

There are eight quality improvement modules, with a further two advanced modules planned for release at a later date. These improvement modules have an easy to understand content which allow users to confidently and independently study how to effectively utilise various Quality Improvement methods for their projects. The modules have useful resources such as videos, diagrams and easy to read text. Within each module there is an encouragement for users to utilise the ‘Reflective Diary’ option by asking related thought provoking questions that can be answered within the Reflective Diary.

The available modules are:

  • Action Effect Diagram
  • Mental and Physical Wellbeing
  • Public and Patient Engagement/Involvement
  • Process Mapping
  • Long Term Success
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) Cycles
  • Measurement for Improvement



Usability and Feasibility

QI4u has been described by users as “vibrant”, “user friendly” and “straightforward to follow”. It has an intuitive and easy to navigate infrastructure that allows the user to clearly track their progress with three useful segments.


QI4U contains an interesting data visual that allows users to see a snapshot comparison of achievement between pre and post tests for each completed module. As well as the pre and post-tests there are mini tests throughout each module to help the user track whether or not they are retaining the information learnt.



 QI4U will be available for free access to users in Northwest London. Those living outside Northwest London will be able to buy a licence for access.

CLAHRC NWL’s Future Aspirations for QI4U

CLAHRC NWL will track and research the uptake of modules within QI4U the experience of learning as well as the users’ confidence of using quality improvement methods within improvement projects and the impact made by the use of the QI4U modules.

CLAHRC NWL plans to see QI4U integrate with other learning opportunities that they provide such as the Improvement Leader Fellowship and the MSc in Improvement Science CLAHRC NWL hopes to develop QI4U with add on podcasts; drop in clinics and open sessions at the quarterly collaborative learning events.