CLAHRC NWL will have a new cohort of Fellows as the application deadline for the CLAHRC NWL Improvement Leader Fellowship closes.

What is the Improvement Leader Fellowship?

The fellowship is a multi-disciplinary education and leadership development programme that is accessible to NHS partner organisation staff, people with a role in health and healthcare, and the public. The purpose of the fellowship is to build capacity in quality improvement and research by developing future leaders with the authority and ability to improve patient care across Northwest London and beyond.

The fellowship is essentially a one-year training programme, where fellows commit to a minimum of 1 day a month for training purposes. Each fellow receives a £7500 bursary and undertakes a self-initiated quality improvement project with support and mentoring from CLAHRC NWL.

Brief History

The Improvement Leader Fellowship began in 2010. Since then there have been six cohorts consisting of 71 alumni fellows that come from a range of difference professions.  Initially, the fellowship enrolled individuals from various healthcare backgrounds. However, in 2012 the fellowship enrolled their first patient leader and patient representative fellows. Since then there have been at least 10 fellows leading on improvement in healthcare from a patient/carer’s point of view.

Fellowship Cohorts 2010 to 2015 for web

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What makes the CLAHRC NWL Improvement Leader Fellowship so Appealing?

 The CLAHRC NWL Improvement Leader Fellowship brings together an interesting dynamic of people from various backgrounds to mutual territory where hierarchy holds no importance. Every fellow, from doctors, patients to firefighters, is empowered and treated with equality. Every Fellow gains an individual mentor. There is a strong sense of peer support, positive motivation and collaboration within each cohort and in some cases across cohorts.

“For me, I think it benefits my professional life because it allows me the space away from work to develop personally (away from deadlines, report writing etc.). I’ve also met people I probably wouldn’t have met outside the Fellowship, and they challenge my ideas and help me to think differently.” Ben Ellis, 2015 Fellow.

Feedback Fellowship

The structure of the Fellowship is flexible yet structured and tailored to be relevant to the needs of the individual Fellows.

“The Fellowship allows you to dip out of work to think about bigger things.” Edith Ubogagu, 2015 Fellow.

Study sessions lead on not only quality improvement techniques, but also personal development. Training Fellows on effective leadership skills ensures that every fellow ends their fellowship feeling a sense of self-belief in their ability to communicate, lead a team and implement new ventures.

A unique aspect of the Fellowship is the opportunity to go overseas to see experts at work and to explore and share international techniques and approaches to improvement. The study trip ‘seals a bond between the Fellows enhancing the impact of peer support and potential for future opportunities.’ Cherelle Augustine, 2015 Fellow.

“The Fellowship, as a whole package, meets a lot of my needs. It gives me funding, access to new people/ideas, a mentor, teaching and a study trip.” Ben Ellis, 2015 Fellow.

Study Visits

Every year each cohort of fellows benefit from an international study visit to a centre of excellence to share learning, nationally and internationally. Past cohorts of fellows have visited the Institute for Healthcare Improvement in Massachusetts, Dartmouth Institute of Clinical Excellence, New Hampshire, The Clinical Microsystems Festival in Jonkoping, Sweden and Cincinnati’s Children Hospital, Ohio USA to learn about cutting edge quality improvement work and to share their experience from North West London. The study trip allows fellows to bond as a unit, gain global perspectives, learn from peers as well as build a global network that will enhance their individual improvement projects. Whether the experience is positive, thought-provoking or constructive support, the trips open the eyes of each fellow of the endless possibilities available.

Below are the expectations of a selection of Fellows from the 2015 Cohort prior to their study trip to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Fellow Expectations

CLAHRC NWL surpasses normal expectations of patient involvement

 CLAHRC NWL is not new to the idea of patient and public involvement. However, with the Fellowship, CLAHRC NWL have empowered patient leaders and industry professionals alike and have firmly set the bar high in creating constructive co-production by sharing the correct tools for effective development of future leaders.


Advice from 2015 Cohort Improvement Leader Fellows to Future Improvement Leader Fellows

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For more information on the Improvement Leader Fellowship or on current and past Fellows individual projects please visit The CLAHRC NWL Website.