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March 2016

March 2016 Newsletter- I-Hydrate: A project to Improve the Hydration of Elderly Residents in a Care Home

Frail, dependent, care home residents are especially vulnerable to dehydration. This is in large part due to physical or cognitive impairments, and the organisation of care in these challenging environments. Dehydration is a significant problem among older people, which has... Continue Reading →


Instructions for Joining and Using QI4U

Last October, NIHR CLAHRC NWL launched an independent eLearning resource called QI4U as part of an effort to build capacity in a systematic approach to quality improvement for frontline NHS staff and service users. Read the Introductory Blog CLAHRC NWL develops... Continue Reading →

Service Users Co-Design and Develop an Inpatient Physical Health Plan

People with serious mental illness have a significantly reduced life expectancy and a higher prevalence of physical health disorders than the general population. To help tackle this Service Users co-design and develop an Impatient Physical Health Plan.

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