CLAHRC Northwest London’s Asthma and Wellbeing project pilots a self-guided treatment resource for patients with asthma and anxiety or low mood. Asthma is the most common long-term condition in the UK, and has a high co-morbid prevalence with anxiety. Anxiety and low mood in asthma patients contribute significantly to reduced quality of life and treatment compliance by patients with asthma. The interaction of asthma and anxiety has a negative effect. It is estimated that up to 75% of hospital admissions and up to 90% of deaths are preventable.

Man about to use asthma inhaler

The Asthma and Wellbeing project seeks to develop an integrated care pathway between physical and mental health services; and an integrated treatment resource for patients to improve their self management of asthma and recover from common mental health difficulties. It is predicted that there will also be indirect improvements on the economic impact of asthma on NHS services, such as through A&E presentations. The 7 sessions of the treatment resource are interaction between asthma, anxiety and panic; cognitive behavioural therapy model and relaxation; worry management tools; behavioural activation; negative thoughts and social anxiety; managing panic attacks; maintaining wellbeing and good holistic asthma control.

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