The MSc Improvement Science is a work-based course offered through the University of West London for anyone interested in making a difference in healthcare. The course can be done part time, whilst working and MSc students will do an improvement project that links to their workplace.  The fees for the MSc are discounted if you are part of the CLAHRC NWL partnership.

Rowan Myron is a psychologist by background who leads the MSc for CLAHRC NWL and is interested in making education opportunities that are really useful for people, so they can use what they have learnt straightway in their work. Rowan often researches the best ways to improve healthcare and the best ways to teach and support people to improve healthcare. Rowan has a PhD in Psychology (but don’t hold that against her) and a 1st class degree in Psychology from the University of Dundee.


Read more below to hear what Rowan has to say about the MSc and how to get involved.

Dr Rowan Myron

openspeechOne of the things I love about teaching on the MSc Improvement science is seeing students make real changes happen in their work. Our students are busy working people, many are juggling social life  and busy NHS jobs, some are clinicians working with patients some are working more in support services like information or management but they all share a passion to  make a difference in their NHS work. They all want to see patients have a better experience and staff be less stressed.

M.Sc Group Discussion

Take for example one of our first MSc students Wendy, a theatre nurse who wanted to make changes in her work flow to improve staff stress levels and patient experience. She joined the MSc in 2013 and really enjoyed meeting the other students once a month for a study day, she especially enjoyed the ‘Engaging Others’ module which focuses on patient and stakeholder engagement. She has now successfully completed all modules, and has moved into a new job working with teams to improve services and is completing her dissertation looking at supporting teams to use the PDSA method to improve care.


Wendy said “In some respects I’ve already gained hugely out of this course, not only the collaboration with fellow students, I have gained in confidence in my current job … and share and impart that knowledge across project teams”

An important part of the CLAHR NWL approach, as you know, is including patients as equals and I was really glad to welcome our first patient on the MSc course, he recently said about the course:


“After spending 20 years in healthcare it’s been a tremendous enjoyable but important journey. The course itself really built on your knowledge and experience so far and it takes you to another level” Patrick Ojeer, patient leader and project manager.



I can’t wait for the new term to start and to meet a whole bunch of new people eager to make changes where they are working. They say it’s not work if you enjoy what you do, so I’m actually really looking forward to September and starting a new term. I look forward to seeing some of you there!074489-simple-red-glossy-icon-alphanumeric-quote-close2

If you’d like to join the new course, it starts on 26th September 2016  and there are a few places left, you can apply online.

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