People with severe and enduring mental health problems such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, have a reduced life expectancy, often linked to lifestyle factors such as smoking, drinking and obesity.

Over the past 2 years CLAHRC Northwest London have worked with staff and service users from Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust to reduce this gap through a quality improvement project. The project aimed to improve cardio-metabolic screening of patients admitted to the acute admission ward through the implementation of a multi-professional screening tool and the development of a shared decision-making tool, co-designed by patients and healthcare professionals. The use of the 4Pi framework ( in guiding service user involvement was recently highlighted in a publication in the Journal for Mental Health Training, Education and Practice*.

In recognition of the success of the original project, the team have recently been awarded CLAHRC NWL Round 7 funding to roll-out this innovation to other areas within the Trust. The project, which starts in September 2016, will use the learning from the original project to engage with groups such as older adults and people with learning disabilities, to improve cardio-metabolic screening. The project will focus on improving systems and processes to ensure more consistent assessment of cardio metabolic risk factors. It is anticipated that screening combined with the shared decision-making tool, which provides personalised information about the risks of developing diabetes and cardio-vascular disease, will support the delivery of interventions as part of secondary prevention strategies.

Mental and physical wellbeing is a prevalent and multi-faceted concern, and we hope, through this reincarnation of the original project, to maintain a problem solving mindset in regards to the comprehensive needs of patients. For more information contact


* Green S A; Evans L, Jayacodi S, Trite J, Manickam A, Evered R, Matthews R, Wlliams J, Green J, Beveridge E, Parker C, Tiplady B. (2016) Service user engagement in quality improvement: Applying the National Involvement Standards. Journal for Mental Health Training, Education and Practice