Dr Alan Poots, Principal Information Analyst from CLAHRC NWL, is currently presenting alongside Dr Gary Davies at The Past, Present and Future of Medicine SAM & RCPE Conference in Edinburgh at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre.

The 8am Trolley Traffic Jam with Dr Alan Poots

Also authors: Dr Gary Davies, and Prof Bell


Aim: Our Acute Assessment Unit (AAU) has 10 trolley assessment spaces.  We seek to establish the relationship between 8am AAU trolley occupancy and 4hr performance that day.


Findings: On days when AAU trollies were empty at 8am, we achieved 95% 4hr performance 83% of the time.  Occupied trollies at 8am reduced that 4hr performance to 58% of the time. We found no relationship between 4hr performance and ED attendance numbers.


Conclusion: Our data strengthens the argument that the 4hr performance is not dependent on ED processes alone, and can be an indicator of poor flow elsewhere in the acute care pathway.

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