The  The Past, Present and Future of Medicine SAM & RCPE Conference  was held in Edinburgh at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre on Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th of September 2016. Frailty was a strong theme throughout the event and CLAHRC NWL presented a series of posters on work focusing around the topic. The posters were orally presented to the audience with an opportunity for some one on one comments, questions and thoughts.

The 6 Frailty Posters covered the topics ranging from patient outcomes to assessment and communication.

Frailty: Assessment and Communication within a Care Home Setting

David Sunkersing, Julie Reed, Finbarr Martin, Derek Bell


Quantifying the Prevalence of Frailty in Scottish Hospitals Using Geriatric Syndromes: A Replication Study

Alan J Poots, Derryn Lovett, John Soong, Derek Bell


The Frailty Early Warning Score (FEWS) is a Better Predictor for Various Patient Outcomes than NEWS in The Elderly Acute Medical Setting

Lotte Dinesen, Alan J Poots, Federico Ciard, Lauren M Bell, John Soong, Derek Bell


Concurrent and Predictive Validity for Frailty Syndromes in the Acute Medical Care Setting

John Soong, Lotte Dineson, Alan J Poots, Derek Bell


Utilising Frailty Early Warning Score (FEWS) in the Acute Hospital Setting to Identify Frail and Vulnerable Patients

Lotte Dineson, Alan J Poots, Federico Ciard, Lauren M Bell, John Soong, Derek Bell


Does The Cumulative Frailty Early Warning Score (FEWS) and NEWS Improve Predictor Power for Various Outcomes in the Elderly Acute Care Population?

Lotte Dineson, Alan J Poots, Federico Ciard, John Soong, Derek Bell


Did you get a chance to view any of these posters and speak to one of the CLAHRC NWL team? We welcome feedback and insight of your view.

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