World Mental Health Day falls annually on the 10th of October. This year’s theme set by the World Federation for Mental Health is psychological first aid and the support people can provide to those in distress.

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CLAHRC NWL funds the development of research projects that focus on improving the quality of life for those living with the challenge of mental health.

Mental and Physical Wellbeing is one of CLAHRC’s five crosscutting themes.

Most people will have a range of health needs spanning both mental and physical wellbeing. Unfortunately health services are often provided in a way that does not recognise the inter relationships between physical and mental health.


Mental and Physical Wellbeing
There is an increasing awareness that physical and mental health are closely linked and that by concentrating on both areas major improvements can be made in patients’ lives. Under this theme we:

  • embed whole person thinking across all delivery themes and projects
  • involve patients to gain a better understanding of the interaction between physical and mental wellbeing
  • identify priorities for improving the physical healthcare of mental patients and mental health of those with long term conditions
  • build up collaborative working across mental and physical  health providers, commissioners and patients
  • monitor and show demonstrable in clinical outcomes, patient experience and value for money.


In honour of World Mental Health Day, CLAHRC NWL PhD Student, Federica Amati, will be holding a charity cake sale to raise money for Mind on Wednesday 12th October 2016 at 12:00 at the Imperial College, Charing Cross campus.

MIND Achievements

As part of her CLAHRC NWL project, currently titled “PREDICTING IMPROVEMENT IN A COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH SERVICE: USING DATA TO SUPPORT EVIDENCE BASED PERSON CENTERED CARE“, Federica is researching IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) services, which aim to treat common mental health disorders with evidence based psychotherapy.


The project so far has accumulated evidence that self-referrers appear to be as ill and recover as well as GP referrals. So in light of world mental health day, Fedrica and CLAHRC NWL encourage people to ask for help if they feel they are suffering with anxiety and depression, because our data tells us they are not just the ‘worried well’, they do indeed benefit from interventions.

To read more about Fedrica’s and other Mental and Physical Wellbeing projects and findings, come back visit our blog for more updates.

Useful Contacts:

World Mental Health Day Facebook ¦ Mind Information and Support ¦ CLAHRC NWL Mental and Physical Wellbeing