The Central and North West London (CNWL) Annual Gem and Long Service Awards took place on Thursday 26 January 2017. SHINE, a CLAHRC NWL funded research driven improvement project, won the Project of The Year award.

“As a member of the SHINE Project Team since its beginning in 2014, I have seen many changes in the way the team members interact with each other and also with the Danube ward team. As a service user I found that working with ‘professionals’ as an equal valid member of the team has benefited the project as a whole and has been a real learning curve for all. To win the CNWL Project of the Year has for me been an affirmation of how everyone works together in a very important project dealing with physical health needs for people with severe mental health problems.” Jenny Trite, Project Team Member and Service User.

“This award is hugely important for the team as we reflect on what we have achieved so far and roll out our work more widely. It is great to have this recognition and appreciation of what we have done – or started to do – to improve our patient’s physical health, which has become a huge passion for me since I have been working on the project. I am so glad to work with all the members of the SHINE team, although I particular want to thank Bill Tiplady who first asked me to be involved, our service user colleagues – without whose constant hard work none of our interventions would have been helpful or meaningful – and the Danube ward team who are so committed to quality of care despite working in an acute, busy environment”. – Ed Beveridge, Project Clinical Lead and Consultant Psychiatrist at CNWL NHS Foundation Trust.

Over 80 members of staff were honoured for long service; between them they have over 1,900 years’ service in the NHS.

Over 120 nominations were received for our Annual Gem Awards. Finalists in the seven award categories were nominated by their peers and patients for their outstanding work, their dedication to our Trust values and for constantly going above and beyond for their patients and colleagues (CNWL: Jan 2017).

‘Project of the Year’ nominees on the night besides the SHINE project were; the ‘Telehealth Project‘ and the ‘Improving Access to Patient Medication Information Project‘. This years award ceremony was doubly special as they also celebrated 10 years of CNWL! The event took place in Central London and was attended by finalists from each of the award categories as well as the Long Service Award winners who have dedicated 20 – 40 years to working in the NHS.

Shine Project Background

People with severe mental illness experience worse physical health than people in the general population. The SHINE project is looking at improving the physical healthcare that is offered to people using mental health wards at St Charles Hospital, by collaborating with service users for the development a physical health booklet which is distributed to Danube wards service users.


CLAHRC NWL prides itself on co-production in all of their projects.  Service User Sandra Jayacodi, who has been involved in the SHINE project for two years, describes herself as someone with ‘lived experience’ of mental health. She came to know about service user involvement in research work at a co-production course run by the Recovery College.

“The Shine project is very close to my heart as I have been battling with my own physical health problems. I got involved in the project without any idea what it was going to be like especially with no clinical background. Over the 2 years, the team became my little family. Everyone was warm and supportive. Although from time to time I would doubt my presence there, the team did not. Most of my inputs, feedback and contributions were welcomed.”  – Sandra Jayacodi – and Project Team Member and Service User.

When asked about the award Sandra beamed with pride.

“When I got to know that Shine was nominated, I was so thrilled for everyone. The clinical team were brilliant in producing a single compact and detailed physical assessment form. I feel proud to be part of this dedicated team. I could not stop talking about the nomination. I was even told to shut up! For me personally, this award is a massive confidence booster.

When I heard SHINE was the winner I wanted to scream but had to control myself being the ‘only lady in the saree’. SHINE rightfully deserved this award.

Congratulations to the whole team for your dedication to help improve the physical health of people with severe mental illness including me. I salute you.” – Sandra Jayacodi, Project Team Member and Service User.


Consultant Psychologist and SHINE clinical lead Bill Tiplady, echoes CLAHRC NWL’s forward thinking about partnerships and co-production.

“This award is a fantastic recognition of hard work and determination by our whole team.  From the outset the SHINE project has been about partnerships: between CNWL and NIHR CLAHRC NWL, with our initial funders the Health Foundation, and most of all between members of our passionate and determined multidisciplinary team which has included people with lived experience from the outset.  Our partnership with CLAHRC has been of critical importance and has brought rigour and clarity of focus to our project: the support we have received from Liz Evans and Stuart Green, along with many others from CLAHRC, has been absolutely invaluable.  The NHS at its best is all about people working together across roles and boundaries to achieve the best outcomes for people who use our service, and this has been the story of SHINE.  I am proud of what we have achieved but also of how we have achieved it.  We look forward to continuing to work together with CLAHRC in our SHINE2 project.” – Bill Tiplady, Project Clinical Lead and Consultant Psychologist.

Further Acknowledgement

This award comes as one of many of SHINE’s successes. In addition to winning project of the year, the SHINE project was accepted as a good practice example by NICE and will be put forward for nominations at the NICE Annual Conference in May 2017. The core themes of the 2017 event are:

  • Innovation: improving services and standards of care
  • Access: the future for life sciences and market access
  • Transformation: collaborating to join up care



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