While it has always been important to spend allotments for health services wisely, maintaining an awareness and record of efficiency is now both effective and beneficial for the improvement of the quality of services and care.

In the last year NIHR CLAHRC NWL have developed an independent eLearning resource called QI4U as part of an effort to build capacity in a systematic approach to quality improvement for front-line NHS staff and service users.  QI4U is available for anybody who has an interest in effective quality improvement of healthcare services for the benefit of patients. QI4U is targeted towards but not limited to front-line clinicians, academics, patients and service users.

QI4U plays a big part in CLAHRC NWL’s ambition to empower and build capacity within Northwest London in the systematic approach to quality improvement

As part of the National Institute for Health Research, CLAHRC NWL have been front runners in  developing, collaborating and delivering high quality research projects to find new ways of improving healthcare. CLAHRC NWL utilises the skills, knowledge and expertise of researchers, health and social care professionals, managers, commissioners and patients with the aim to ensure the results of the research are translated quickly and effectively into benefits for patients, the wider NHS and social care.

QI4U has proven to be a transparent and easy way to accomplish this goal.