Predictors of outcomes for patients with common mental health disorders receiving psychological therapies in community settings: a systematic review.

Amati F, Banks C, Greenfield G, Green J.

Psychological therapies are increasingly delivered in community care settings. In existing literature, patient, disorder and service variables are known to have a significant impact on the recovery outcomes for patients undergoing psychological treatment in secondary care. The aim of this review is to establish which predictors have a significant impact on recovery from common mental health disorders in community settings. A systematic review of the literature was conducted according to PRISMA guidelines to identify variables with a predictive power on psychological therapy outcomes. We searched databases using key words and MeSH terms and a strict scoring system and bias check were used. A total of 486 unique references were identified from the search. Overall, 19 papers met the inclusion criteria. These reported on a total of 34 778 patients from five countries in various community care settings. Predictive factors identified and found to be significant were initial severity and co-morbid depression (11/19 studies), which negatively impacted outcome in all studies identified key predictors for recovery in a community settings from five countries. The evidence currently available for this setting is limited, so this review serves as a starting point to highlight key factors that warrant further investigation.

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